Dark Ones

The Dark Ones

The Dark Ones is the name for the creatures that have haunted the nights since the Scarring of the skies. These creatures come in many shapes and sizes but what they have in common is an aversion to natural light, and a shadowy element about them.

Shadow Scourge

These seem to be the weakest of the dark ones, usually comprised mostly of flesh, dark mottled skin and beady glowing eyes. Their form closely resembles a humanoid except for the empty compassionless look in their eyes.

Shadow Terror

These creatures seem to be comprised of a inky blackness only described “as black as the most evil man’s soul”. Few have escaped these creatures to tell about it, even less if known of their abilities, or weakness. They seem to prowl in the edge of teh campfire light and feast upon the flesh of any humanoid they encounter.


This creature is like a huge mass of inky blackness, tenticles form legs and arms and stretch en every way, however it’s most prominent feature is it’s gaping maw that is filled with thousands of razor sharp teeth. By the accounts of Grueth Owl Bear “This beast swallowed my hunting party whole devouring any in its path, only slowed by a wall of thorn that held it long enough for me to escape to the city of Homble.”

Dark Ones

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