Welcome to the Chronicles of Acledala: The Ember Sky Campaign!

What are the Chronicles of Acledala?

The Chronicles of Acledala are a series of campaigns ran in the world of Meyan over the past 8 or so years. We have had many players and stories that I have been fortunate enough to share with all my friends. The history of this world has largely been “written” by previous campaigns and heroes of Meyan have risen to the occasion more than once.

What is the Ember Sky Campaign all about?

The Ember Sky campaign is set in a post apocalyptic Meyan where approximately 30 years prior to the game a cult known as the Black Hand successfully conspired to call out to deities long lost and forgotten and brought an ancient evil upon the world. The denizens of Meyan of nearly all cultures stood together to fight off this evil but were unsuccessful and beings known as dark ones overran their battle lines. As a result of the awakening of the deep ones by the Black Hand, the peninsula Quaren sunk into the seas as the evil beings scarred the skies. Nestraden’s sun has not been seen since that night as dark clouds with flashes of red lightning chaotically arching through them cover the skies constantly. It is never brighter than twilight, night comes in the blink of an eye.

What System are you using for the Ember Sky Campaign?

The Ember Sky campaign consists of two concurrent gaming groups. In Harrisonburg, VA we run the Ember Sky campaign where the players are based in the shattered Kingdom of Sereland, near the once great town of Homble. This campaign focuses on the west continent of Meyan and the Human’s outlook on the great apocalypse. This gaming group uses the D&D 3.5 offshoot “Pathfinder” as our rules system. We try to meet every Thursday evening.

In Winchester, VA we run the Ember sky campaign where players are wandering the shattered Nation of Elemeer near the once great city Solveresn. This campaign is based on the high elves and wood elves outlook on the apocalypse and is based on the east continent of Meyan. This gaming group uses 4th edition D&D rules to run the campaign.

Both campaigns story lines are tied together in the over arching world view while each character develops their own traits, missions and quests. Over all however the fate of the world depends on the success of both campaigns.

Chronicles of Acledala

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