The Town of Felindar

Felindar is a refugee town in the East Continent south of what was once the Nation of Elemiir. It was founded by several heroes and many refugees from the neighboring regions. Currently Felindar is in a state of immense growth. News of a save-haven protected heroes and a local militia has brought refugees from all directions in hope of safety and perhaps a chance at a new life.

Town Meetings

Felindar has Town meetings that anyone can attend if they wish, of note are several important town-folk and the heroes that call this place home. Trade talks, defense schemes and other important business the subject of discussion.

Town Establishments

Felindar Militia: Comprised of the armed and trained refugees of the region. This force serves at the town’s guard, fighting off minor threats to the town and attempting to solve problems within the town.

Alchemy & Herbs: This shop sells ritual components as well as general alchemy

Silver Ring Goods & Trade: Dealing with magical items this merchant company trades exotic and rare items.


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