Olandrau Vaah'Se (Mist Eye)

Young Shaman of a Corrupted World


(current @ lvl 5)

  • Passive Insight: 19 + half level
  • Passive Perception: 21 + half level
  • AC: 17 + half lvl
  • Fort: 13 + half lvl
  • Ref: 15 + half lvl
  • Will: 16 + half lvl

A youth at the time of the cataclysmic war. Has since adapted his spirit-teachings to one of adaptation, and survival. Lessons he passes on to the small pockets of good people still left. However, these things are done in passing. In his erratic and mysterious musings and wandering, there is a greater purpose yet unfulfilled. The sky stone, Orb of Storms, must be united with the ancients who survived the cataclysm to be put to it’s true purpose – restoring light and life to Meyan.

Olandrau Vaah'Se (Mist Eye)

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